Nový projekt(1)(1)

1925 - 1939


production of lubrication pumps and injectors for locomotives

1939 - 1945

weapons production, especially lubrication pumps and hydraulic components for submarines

production of locomotive couplings and car heating

Nový projekt(1)(5)

1945 - 1995

nationalisation, ZTS Brno company – “Juran’s factories”

production of central lubrication and lubrication technology, focusing on heavy machinery, metallurgy, energy and mining industries

development of production of hydraulics, radial piston hydraulic motors, hydraulic section distributors and valves up to 320 bar, armament production for tanks and tracked vehicles

1995 - současnost

TRIBOTEC company

development of a range of central grease and oil lubrication for all areas of industry, supply of complete lubrication systems in the form of a combination of manufactured and purchased products and components

development of project preparation for turnkey contracts and deliveries, including installation and commissioning

Nový projekt(1)(6)

2000 - 2001

extensive investments in the company’s production facilities and production base

2002 - 2003

significant development of the range of central lubrication and lubrication technology, replacement of imported components with innovated own products, growth of the company’s sales through activities on foreign markets

supplementing grease lubrication with the production of oil circulating lubrication and cooling units, customized hydraulic units and special hydraulic and lubrication elements and components


after 50 years, the production of lubrication for locomotives and other railway vehicles is renewed, the company enters the field of supplies for railway technology, in the following years it will expand the range to include wheel flange lubrication for trams and will continue with modern systems for rail head lubrication and stationary systems for lubrication of railway tracks


establishing the subsidiary TRIBOTEC POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

building on previous business on the Polish market carried out directly from the Czech Republic, development of sales and service activities on the Polish market, in the field of central lubrication and systems for rolling stock


2006 - 2008

in-house development, start of production and delivery of modern pneumatic sandblasting systems for trams (brake systems subsystem) and subsequently also for locomotives, rolling stock and other railway vehicles


establishing the subsidiary TRIBOTEC SLOVENSKO s.r.o.

building on previous business activities carried out through an organisational unit TRIBOTEC (Gelnica, Košice)

development of business and service activities on the Slovak market, in the field of central lubrication and systems for rolling stock



the volume of direct exports exceeded one third of total sales for the first time


investment in its own welding plant and certification of the company for the production and supply of welded parts for railway vehicles