Electric stationary track lubrication MKH-01

Stationary track lubrication MKH-01 represents the ‘Top of Rail’ technology of rail head lubrication. This version is designed for stationary use to provide a local adhesion control in the given track location, so-called off-board system. The system is designed to reduce the noise level along track sections with high acoustic emission. At the same time, it significantly decreases the wear of rails, which extends the interval between downtimes necessary for rail replacement. The lubricant used here is a friction modifier which maintains the friction coefficient at a low level, however, still preserving the traction and braking performance of the vehicle.  

The MKH-01 system consists of application bars, a vehicle passage sensor, and a plastic cabinet with a high-pressure pumping device, a programmable control unit featuring system operation state diagnostics; if the device is powered by solar panels, accumulators are also located in the cabinet.

The lubricant is automatically applied to the rail head using an application bar. The system is adjustable according to the requirements of the traffic route. The entire lubrication process is activated by the vehicle passage sensor. The sensor detects the passage of the individual axles and sends signals to the programmable control unit which controls the pumping device. As an option, the system may be equipped with a GSM module allowing controlling the system state remotely with error messages sent as SMS messages (lubricant shortage, vehicle detection sensor damage, application bar lubrication failure, etc.). The system may be powered by connecting to the power grid or using solar panels.