Wheel flange lubrication for trams OK-01

Wheel flange lubrication system OK-01 is intended for wheel-flange lubrication on trams that are not equipped with pressure air distribution. The system features the principle of applying air/grease mixture to the contact areas of wheel flanges and rails. During a greasing cycle, a controlled amount of the mixture is sprayed constantly onto the lubrication point of each wheel flange. The lubrication system may be equipped with grease level signalisation and the blow-cleaning function of the circuit for the cases of longer vehicle down-times.

The OK-01 lubrication systems are manufactured in several versions suitable both for installation in the vehicle interior or on the vehicle bogie, including low-floor vehicles.

The system operation control and monitoring is carried out in several ways – using the vehicle’s master control system, automatically via a dedicated track curve detecting sensor, or as smart adaptive control performed by a GPS system according to the ambient conditions and the track characteristics.

The wheel flange lubrication system only allows using biodegradable grease intended for total-loss wheel flange lubrication.

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