Electric stationary track lubrication MKO-03

Stationary track lubrication systems are used to lubricate rails in order to decrease the wear of the outer flange of rail vehicle wheel sets and the adjacent inner edges of flat-bottom rails in track curves. The lubricant fed by the lubricator to the contact surfaces of wheel flanges and rails decreases their wear and thus the expenses on the renovation of rails and wheel sets as well as the level of noise generated by dry friction of these contact parts.

The MKO-03 system consists of a cabinet with an electronically controlled lubrication pump comprising a dosing device and a lubricant tank, an electronic sensor of vehicle passage, and a lubrication rail bar. The operation unit supplies lubricating grease to the lubricating bar through a connecting hose. The grease enters the rail bar and comes out on the side of the rail head through grooves in the bar and there it is collected by wheel flanges. The lubrication cycle takes place according to the settings of the programmable control unit and is based on the traffic mode. As an option, the system may be equipped with a GSM module allowing to control the system state remotely with error messages sent as SMS messages (lubricant shortage, vehicle detection sensor damage, application bar lubrication failure, etc.). Refilling the lubricant is done manually or by a suitable refilling device. The lubrication rail bar is adjustable to suit most of the generally used flat bottom rails. For grooved rails, the system does not feature lubrication bars, and the lubricant distribution is done using holes drilled directly to the rail. Recommended lubricants are biodegradable lubricants intended for total loss wheel flange lubrication of NLGI-1 to NLGI-2 viscosity classes, depending on the properties of the used lubricant.

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