Sanding nozzles for sanding system

Sanding nozzles are a part of the standard sanding device supply. Their shape and equipment depend on the individual design according to customer requirements. Sanding nozzles are manufactured from stainless steel or general structural steel. The surface treatment may be done according to customer requirements. They may feature heating preventing icing on the sand discharge.

According to the operation climatic conditions and the onboard voltage supply installed, the heating may be supplied with the output 30W or 50W and DC supply voltage 24V, 48V or 110V. The heating elements are equipped with overvoltage protection and automatic temperature regulation. The fitting of the sanding nozzles allows their position adjustment along three axes so that the sand stream is aimed directly at the point where the wheel contacts the rail. The sanding nozzles are highly mechanically durable and reliable even under demanding climatic conditions. They are easy to replace in case of damage, which makes the maintenance convenient.