Sanding system for trams PZKV

The PZKV sanding system is designed for trams that are not equipped with pressure air distribution. The air is supplied by an electric blower. Compared to other mechanical systems, the featured pneumatic dispenser reduces sand consumption. PZKV sanding systems are manufactured as a range of optional structures for placing under the vehicle seats, into the walls, floors and other areas of the vehicle interior. The sand box shapes and dimensions are usually designed individually for each vehicle type. The sand boxes have their own heating which decreases the sand moisture and prevents its potential freezing. Filling the sand box with sand may be done manually or using a dosing gun. The amount of sand in the sand box is either monitored by electric sensors, or the sand box is equipped with a sight-glass to check the level of sand. As a standard, the system is equipped with heatable sanding nozzles and sand filler flaps manufactured in several versions.

The metal parts of the systems are usually made of aluminium and stainless-steel alloys, as well as special materials with noise reduction or heat insulation properties.

The sanding system operation control and monitoring is done via the vehicle’s master control system or by installing a dedicated control unit. As the sand used has a crucial effect on the function and performance of the device, we recommend using only the sand approved by the supplier.


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