Sanding system for locomotives KOVA

The sanding system KOVA is designed for vehicles equipped with their own compressed air source and distribution. The sand boxes and dosing units may be equipped with their own heating and permanent blow-out function decreasing the sand humidity. The sanding system may also be equipped with electric sand level signalisation. The type of sand box depends on the type of vehicle. Refilling sand to the sand box may be done manually or using a dosing gun. The supplied amount of sand is constant during the entire sanding interval. The sand amount setting depends on the speed of the vehicle and is done by adjusting the reduction valves in combination with the regulation nozzle of the dosing device. Once set, the valves are then locked and excessive sanding does not occur. As a standard, the system is equipped with sanding nozzles heating. The heating elements feature overvoltage protection and automatic temperature regulation.

The KOVA sanding systems are manufactured in a number of versions and are suitable for reconstruction or retrofitting of older vehicle types. Systems may be supplied also in the stainless-steel version.

The system operation control and is done via the vehicle’s master control system. The technical parameters of the KOVA sanding systems comply with the TSI technical standards, including the amount of discharged sand. The used sand has a crucial effect on the function and performance of the device which is why we recommend using only sand approved by the supplier.

Simple modular design

For both new vehicles and retrofit

Drying and heating of the grit