Control units for sanding system

The PJP control unit is modular and is intended for controlling the sanding devices in trams. The control units may be supplied in two versions: the PJP-04-02 unit for two sanders, or the PJP-04-04 that may control four sanders.

The function of the control unit may be adjusted by setting several parameters, such as changing the blower output for the given sanding mode, selecting the direction for bidirectional vehicles, sander heating, sand level monitoring, system monitoring, and error message evaluation. The sanding system works even in case of its control unit outage or failure.

On the side of the vehicle, the sanding device is controlled by the master control system over the CAN line. The basic safety signals and signals necessary for a limited operation of the sanding device in case of the vehicle master control system failure or CAN communication failure are transmitted using direct HW signals. Other signals are then transmitted using CAN communication.