Mechanical stationary track lubrication MKO-05

Stationary track lubrication systems are used to lubricate rails in order to decrease the wear of the outer flange of rail vehicle wheel sets and the adjacent inner edges of flat-bottom rails in track curves. The lubricant fed by the lubricator to the contact surfaces of wheel flanges and rails decreases their wear and thus the expenses on the renovation of rails and wheel sets as well as the level of noise generated by dry friction of these contact parts.

The MKO-05 system consists of a lubricant tank in a steel cabinet, a dosing unit, and a lubrication rail bar. It is a mechanical device that does not require any other energy supply. The lubricant is forced from the tank to the dosing unit by gaseous nitrogen. One nitrogen pressure vessel allows dosing 185 kg of lubricant. Refilling the lubricant is done manually or by a suitable refilling device. The stroke of the piston of the dosing unit is derived from the wheels of the passing railway vehicles. The individual versions of the MKO-05 system differ in the sizes of the fastening parts of the dosing unit and lubrication rail bars as required by the given rail types. The lubrication bar is adjustable to suit most generally used flat bottom rails. The dosing units and lubrication bars may be supplied in right or left-hand versions. Recommended lubricants are biodegradable lubricants intended for total loss wheel flange lubrication of NLGI-1 to NLGI-2 viscosity classes, depending on the properties of the used lubricant.

Simple design

Undemanding maintenance

Easy installation